7th IFAC Symposium on Systems Structure and Control (SSSC)
15th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems
Joint IFAC Conference 7th SSSC 2019 and 15th TDS 2019
9 - 11 September 2019, Sinaia, Romania


The origins of the meetings on Systems Structure and Control (SSSC) under the technical sponsorship of IFAC go back to the IFAC workshops first held in Prague, Czech Republic in 1989 and 1992 and subsequently in Nantes, France in 1995 and 1998 as conferences. Also in late 1997 a Conference on SSSC, also sponsored by IFAC, had been held in Bucharest Romania. The meeting returned to Prague in 2001, as an IFAC symposium; its 2nd Edition was held in Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2004, the 3rd at Foz do Iguassu, Brazil in 2007, the 4th in Ancona, Italy in 2010, the 5th in Grenoble, France (2013) and the 6th in Istanbul, Turkey (2016).

The renewed and growing interest of the control scientific community in systems with time delay and their applications has been shown by a series of workshops held in July 1998 (Grenoble, France), in September 2000 (Ancona, Italy), in December 2001 (Santa-Fe, USA), in September 2003 (Rocquencourt, France), in September 2004 (Leuven, Belgium), in July 2006 (L’Aquila, Italy), in September 2007 (Nantes, France), in September 2009 (Sinaia, Romania), in June 2010 (Prague, Czech Republic), in June 2012 (Boston, USA), in February 2013 (Grenoble, France), in June 2015 (Ann Arbor, USA), in June 2016 (Istanbul, Turkey) and in June 2018 (Budapest, Hungary). In this way the series of annual IFAC Workshops on Time Delay Systems has been established, the present edition being the 15th of the series and the second organized in Romania.

Starting with the edition of 2013, the SSSC Symposia take place in Joint IFAC Conferences together with the corresponding Workshops on TDS. The present joint conference aims to the same IFAC high quality standard. Not only that the newly introduced areas such as network dynamics, fractional differential systems and biological systems will be continued but also actual and relatively new tracks such as LPV (Linear Parameter Varying) systems, Functional systems will be added to the (more or less) traditional topics.

The Joint IFAC Conference will be structured on several tracks, each of them integrating several special or regular sessions, poster sessions and industry presentations and demonstrations. The paper proposals will undergo a standard peer reviewing process and once accepted will be included in the Conference Proceedings, at their turn aimed to be published in the IFAC PapersOnLine.