Joint IFAC Conference 7th SSSC 2019 and 15th TDS 2019
9 - 11 September 2019, Sinaia, Romania

The joint conference will be held in two comprehensive parallel tracks, as follows:

  • Track A (SSSC):
    • Linear systems, structural properties,
    • multivariable systems, decoupling problems, decentralized control,
    • regulation, disturbance rejection,
    • model matching, model reduction,
    • time-varying systems, switched linear systems, multidimensional systems,
    • output feedback control, observers for linear systems,
    • linearization based control of nonlinear systems,
    • input constrained systems, uncertain systems,
    • robust control and analysis, complex systems,
    • linear parameter varying systems and applications,
    • functional systems and applications,
    • positive systems, descriptor systems, diagnosis and fault tolerant control,
    • automotive systems, aerospace,
    • biological systems, biology, biotechnology, biomedical applications, chemical processes,
    • energy and nuclear systems, network controlled systems,
    • mechanical systems, mechatronics,
    • numerical issues in control, power systems, process control,
    • robotics, transportation systems, vibration and control, and
    • other emerging control applications where recently developed theoretical methods are applied.
  • Track B (Time-Delay Systems):
    • Time-delay systems modelling and identification, stability and stabilization, robustness issues,
    • filtering and estimation, control design, output feedback control under I/O delays,
    • predictor based control, non-linear time-delay systems, distributed parameter systems, infinite dimensional systems,
    • numerical methods, algebraic methods,
    • sampled-data control,
    • hybrid systems with time delays, applications of time-delay systems,
    • biology, biotechnology, biomedical applications,
    • fractional differential systems and applications,
    • Analysis tools, biomedical engineering,
    • fractional earth science, fractional filters, fractional order modeling and control, fractional transforms and their applications,
    • filtering, image processing,
    • mechanics,
    • observation, wavelet applications,
    • electrochemistry, thermal systems,
    • economy, mathematics.